Thursday, January 26, 2012

Neptune de Ca et La

I went to my P.O. box today to see if there was anything and low and behold a package from France. What do you think is inside?

How easily my mood is influenced.

Colored end pages! Hardcover! And a font made from my own handwriting that looks better than my own handwriting. I couldn't be happier with this book.

Thank you Serge, Helene Duhamel, Celine Derouet, The Slovenian Printer and everyone at Ca et La!


  1. Congrats...gotta get me a copy

  2. Thanks Dylan. I am reading my book over and over in hopes that I can learn French that way.

  3. Hello !

    I'm French, from Bordeaux, and I found this book by chance in me favorite library. I buy it, because he reminds me my black cat (left this summer), her name was Neptune too. I found his name in the same way that the little girl, by calling it spontaneously. All that to say that I loved to find and read that book, thank you for this!