Sunday, January 15, 2012


About a month ago I sent Pascal Girard a copy of Big Plans 5. Pascal Girard is the author of Bigfood, Reunion, and Nicholas, published by D&Q. I really like Pascal's work. He and I are both similar in age and I feel, probably influence by similar creators. Anyway this is what Pascal sent me in return. A gorgeous pamphlet comic called L'appartement Numero 3 published by the Belgian publishing collective
l’employ√© du Moi. I had fun translating the French with my wife who speaks the language.

I love the way Girard draws comics sans borders. This book is a little 24-hour comic Girard originally drew in 2009 and redrew in 2011 for this edition. He also included a tiny radiograph and watercolor comic on a small 3x3 inch square piece of bristol. This makes me think of his comics journal diary strip he did several months back. Thanks Pascal! And thanks for giving me a reason to keep my P.O. Box.

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