Friday, May 27, 2011

Another old comic

I just found this comic today in my folder of old unfinished stuff. I remember I drew it as a response to the horrible feeling I felt after receiving some hate mail after I published Big Plans #1. I stopped drawing it because I didn't want to give the hater a response. Now I think this strip is funny. Wish I had finished it. Maybe I will. For comfort after this I talked to a friend of mine who'd written for newspapers for years. She said, "Oh back when I wrote my first article I received death threats all the time." After that I got over it.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Big Plans 4.5

To read this story start at the top page and work down. This story was originally drawn a year ago, back during that whole mid-term election crap. Anway, I thought I'd post it online since it was just collecting dust. Originally I submitted it to MOME and it kept getting pushed back and pushed back and now that MOME's getting canceled I know it'll never get published with them. I wanted to give this story at least a little bit of life, so here it is for you dear reader. By the way, currently I am working on a looooooong big autobio book about really interesting stuff. That's what's up. Enjoy!