Friday, May 27, 2011

Another old comic

I just found this comic today in my folder of old unfinished stuff. I remember I drew it as a response to the horrible feeling I felt after receiving some hate mail after I published Big Plans #1. I stopped drawing it because I didn't want to give the hater a response. Now I think this strip is funny. Wish I had finished it. Maybe I will. For comfort after this I talked to a friend of mine who'd written for newspapers for years. She said, "Oh back when I wrote my first article I received death threats all the time." After that I got over it.


  1. That is funny. You should finish it.

  2. I don't know if I've ever gotten "hate mail"... I have had people call me up and yell at me... lesson learned, never give anyone your phone number :)

  3. Robin, I think I am going to finish it. Probably it'll be in Big Plans 5. I'm going to make that a huge 96 page book. Martha, I think you were the one who convinced me to get a P.O. box because of your stalkers. But nobody sends me mail so I think this year might be my last.