Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our New Book!

I am finally nearing the end phases of my new children's book. The title is not yet settled, however, I am working on cover design concepts. All the interior artwork is done! This is the first book collaboration I've done with my wife, Ariel Cohn. She has always been a huge help in editing and proofreading my comics but this time she came up with the story. We originally began this project about two years ago, but progress was slow until we found the right home with First Second Books as our publisher. The story, will be 48 pages in length, and is a much more plot driven and intense book than my previous books for young children. Erika and Patrick, from Neptune, are back in another fantastical story that will be very exciting for young readers and old alike. I can't say how much I loved working on this story, and how happy I am with the finished product. More updates coming in the next few months and a scheduled release date for fall 2014.