Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bozo the Teacher page 26

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in Bozo comics but hey, I've got real work to do. Tonight I'm doing a slide-show reading along with musicians and stand-up comics as part of the new Entertainment for People show. There are probably some tickets available but they will sell out as past shows have. Come if you can. I'd love to have some support.

Also, I've shipped some books to Jim Hanley's Universe and Forbidden Planet in New York. Thanks to them you can find a copy of Big Plans 5 and some of my others in the Big Apple. Also, if you're in Chicago you can go to Quimby's to pick up my new kid's book and Big Plans as well.

Also the online store Baby Wit has started carrying my children's books. Support them because they're awesome.

And the best thing of all John P.'s carrying all in-print issues of Big Plans with the Spit and a Half catalog. If you're a store or a person check out all he has to offer from his fantastic distro.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Order my books Through Tony Shenton

Hi retailers of comics and books across Canada and America and wherever else you may be. My books now have representation through Tony Shenton. Please contact him for any of my current books and we'll let you know about any new books coming out in the future. Expect a Bozo the Teacher mini-comic coming soon. And possibly a zine/reprint of Big Plans 1. Maybe. But!! Big Plans 5 is available via Tony. Please contact him to get copies for your store.

Help me get Big Plans 5 out there. Please!!! "Why should we help you," you ask? Well, because it's the best Big Plans yet and you'd be a fool not to! And I don't want them in my attic forever. To calm your skeptical thoughts check out the following words of wisdom in support of this perfect-bound gem:

Here's a great review from Inkstuds.
Here's another review from Poopsheet.
Big Plans 5 ended up on both Emily Nilsson and Virginia Paine's Best of lists for 2011.
And Robert Kirby's, right beside King Kat! How about that!