Sunday, February 5, 2012

Order my books Through Tony Shenton

Hi retailers of comics and books across Canada and America and wherever else you may be. My books now have representation through Tony Shenton. Please contact him for any of my current books and we'll let you know about any new books coming out in the future. Expect a Bozo the Teacher mini-comic coming soon. And possibly a zine/reprint of Big Plans 1. Maybe. But!! Big Plans 5 is available via Tony. Please contact him to get copies for your store.

Help me get Big Plans 5 out there. Please!!! "Why should we help you," you ask? Well, because it's the best Big Plans yet and you'd be a fool not to! And I don't want them in my attic forever. To calm your skeptical thoughts check out the following words of wisdom in support of this perfect-bound gem:

Here's a great review from Inkstuds.
Here's another review from Poopsheet.
Big Plans 5 ended up on both Emily Nilsson and Virginia Paine's Best of lists for 2011.
And Robert Kirby's, right beside King Kat! How about that!


  1. Hey man, I loved this! I never saw any of your stuff before I went into Quimby's bookstore and found it on the shelf - I bought it and read it all on the bus ride back to my apartment - I loved it man! I love your illustrations and your stories! Right on brother!

  2. Thanks Matt! I'm hoping I can see Quimby's in person some day. Maybe next year... I'd like to go on tour when I have my next book out. Chicago's got a lot of great comics folk.