Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Neptune at Angouleme

My French publisher just sent me this image of the new French hardcover version of Neptune. I'm afraid when I get my copies It'll be hard to get me to stop staring at them. Beautiful. Seriously. It'll be premiering at this year's Angouleme festival. I'd like to go there one day. It's supposed to be the size of comic-con, but only people actually go there to buy comics and not just dress up like idiots and buy toys. To each his own. I choose France.

More in news about me, Publisher's Weekly put The Super-Duper Dog Park as an honorable mention for this year's Best of Comics list. And Justin Giampaoli gave it a pretty awesome review, winning the approval of his 5 year old daughter. Comics are the best tool for early reading. I know. I'm a teacher. Click here if you'd like to preview the book. Now that I am far enough removed from it I really think this book is one of my best. The artwork is certainly my best. All for now. New Bozo comic soon.


  1. i hadn't heard of suer-duper dog park yet... i just put a hold on it at the library. my daughter LOVED su[er crazy cat dance.

  2. Looks beautiful ! Congrats !