Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Break

It's SPRING BREAK!!! Yes! So, I will be a way for a few days but I assure you that this week will give me time to make at least two new Mr. Wolf strips. In the meantime please check out the new reviews for my pre-Mr. Wolf work, Big Plans - The Collected Mini-Comics and More.

From Optical Sloth: "Before I even talk about the comic, I have to point out that Bridge City Comics published this collection, and it looks like it’s one of their first books, so reward them for doing something great by buying it! Also reward Aron for making it, sure, but jumping into publishing is always risky and people should be rewarded when they put out collections of fantastic comics like this." Read More.

From Bookgasm: "Based in Portland, Ore., Bridge City Comics has ventured into the book-publishing game (are they crazy?!?), and in my worthless opinion, couldn’t have picked a better project to launch with than Aron Nels Steinke’s BIG PLANS. And not just because of the hopey-dreamy title." Keep reading.

From Ich Liebe Comics: "Looking for something on the alternative side that scratches the itch between new comics / graphic novels by Joe Matt (Peep Show, Paying For It) and Adrian Tomie (Optic Nerve, Summer Blonde)? Well you need look no further than this new handsome graphic novel collection of Aron Nels Steinke's Big Plans mini comic of the same name" Read more.

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