Saturday, November 6, 2010

Article in the Camas Post Record

A few weeks ago I went out to my old hometown of Camas, Washington to talk to an assembly of about 230 sixth-graders. It was pretty crazy. I've never done an event so big but it was a lot of fun reading the excerpt from Neptune where the kids chant, "I hate school!" over and over.

My favorite part about doing readings like this is whenever I have panels with sound effects I choose not to make the sounds and then I can hear the kids from a distance say them to themselves. It's an incredibly satisfying experience. Especially here where the third panel implies a "lock" sound. Kids actually say it even though it's not there.

After the assembly I got interviewed by an eighth grader, Reesab Pathak, for the school's morning bulletin. He was also asked to do a write-up for the Camas Post-Record newspaper about the event. You can read it here, although there was some confusion about my education. To clarify, I got my 2-d animation certificate from The Vancouver Film School and I got my Bachelors in Arts and Letters from Portland State. Reesab I wish you all the best luck. Thanks for the interview.

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