Saturday, December 8, 2012

FIrst 5 pages of a new book

Here are five pages from a book that my wife and I wrote together over a year ago called, The Zoo Box. My hope was that it would be published by my publisher Blue Apple Books, but it appears that this will probably not happen. It is a slightly darker story than Dog Park and Cat Dance. I am so happy with it. If I just had a month off from work I could finish the whole thing. Anybody want to publish this? Seriously? Write me. NoBrow, Koyama, First Second, Toon Books, Secret Acres? Height and length will be the same dimensions as the Fanta Peanuts books. The Zoo Box could be 1 in 3 short stories in a 120-160 ish page book. Ariel's already telling me no to the black borders. What do you think? Black gutter/boarders or no?


  1. yeah... the black borders might be a bit much.

  2. I will probably keep them white, and maybe I'll make them black when the kids go outside. Thanks Aaron.

  3. good idea. i was thinking the black border makes it too dark, but that that could be a good effect for later. outside at night sounds just right!