Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A portion of a larger work

So this is just a small excerpt from a longer work I'm creating now. The chapter title design was a complete rip off from Joe Matt. The page where I'm on the bed is the influence of Tatsumi over me, with his contemplative and reclining protagonists. Should I color this? What do you think about it overall? I need some dialogue. Sample color page on the right.

I just had to delete a page because it was an unedited version that was saying something I really didn't want to say... Mistake. I just changed that and delted the colored version cause it is no good.


  1. Thanks for the post Aron - I enjoyed the snippet. If you hadn't mentioned the rip-off & influence I doubt I would have noticed - it all seems like you. I guess now that you mentioned it, I see the Tatsumi there in your pose - I like it. I can't recall the Joe Matt.

    I guess some people like color, but I prefer the purity of your black and white. There isn't really a right answer to that one, is there? Though maybe some of that finer shading and cross-hatching wouldn't work so good in color?

    Anyhow, so far this is funny & interesting. KEEP GOING (though I'd rather read more in print & not on the web)!

  2. Thanks Jeff! I'm still on the fence about the color. I think I didn't quite get it right. And since I designed this to be b/w I think b/w it should be.

    Yes, in print is the goal. I'm not sure if I'll post everything online first or just parts. As it is I'm confused about a lot. I'm pitching a new kids book, doing wolf-man strips, drawing this book, wanting to do animation, and teaching full time. On top of that my wife is due in a couple weeks. I want to draw simpler, with raw lines. No reworking. So far Wolf-man is the only thing getting that treatment.

  3. i like it! i really like how it starts off about the baby, then moves to the conversion issues. i'm assuming the book will be about both?

    i like color, but the black and white definitely looks better. i think the black background feels a lot darker in the color version.

  4. Thanks Aaron! Yes, it's going to be about both things. 3 black and white to 1 vote color. Color is losing. Ariel votes for color. Sorry Ariel.

  5. Funny. I have a friend who just had her B'nai Mitzvah last year. She was always more Jewish than most Jewish people I know, but chose to convert officially. A good portion of the reason was because her son's Bar Mitzvah is at the end of this month. Anyway, your children will be fine either way...I know that's easy for me to say having no religious affiliation whatsoever...and a husband is in the same boat. I'm excited to read this one!!