Thursday, February 10, 2011

Do I Care? (updates)

Do I care about this blog? Well, gee, I don't know. I'm not sure myself. Maybe I've just been too busy to post anything new. Here's some updates for my sake and yours:

1) I work full-time as a preschool teacher. Nuff said.
2) I'm working on finishing a major re-write to a book that was already finished. Yeesh.
3) I'm watching a lot of TV. Good TV. You know what I mean.
4) I did some work a while ago for an anthology and it still hasn't been put out. Here's a few panels to whet mine and your appetite. Obviously it is non-fiction.
5) I'm tired and I'd rather read.
6) I'll be at the MoCCA comics fest (not sure which letters are capitalized or not... Not sure if I care enough to look it up. I almost did but then stopped.) And I'll be at Stumptown this year too! See you soon.


  1. You sound a bit down. Hope this helps: I really like your comics!

  2. Thanks Anonymous... It does help. More than you know.

  3. I love your comics too (I'm another Anonymous) and would love to see another BIG PLANS soon (not holding my breath tho) - I love all 4 issues produced thus far. Also dug your Papercutter comics - "The Hill" was hilarious!

  4. Thanks Rob! I am eager to do more Big Plans. If this short story I made doesn't get published it'll just end up as the main part of Big Plans 5. I'm contemplating doing a collection and I'm not sure if I need more single issues first. Also, I'm doing a big auto-bio book as my next big project. It'll be pretty focused on my life right now and in the next year. Going to take a break from kid's books once this new one is in the can.

  5. Good to hear, Aron - thanks! Big fan of Big Plans - yes, a poem.