Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My book is out!

I just got a box of my books two days ago. My book is out. You can get it on amazon or other places like Powell's Books. I will have copies at the Portland Zine Symposium later this month and I am planning a release party and reading in early September.


  1. Congratulations Aron! I'd love to pick one up at the Symposium, but unfortunately I can't make it this year. I will find it elsewhere! Can't wait to see this puppy...I mean kitty! Really, I meant kitty!

  2. Thanks Richard! You did pick up on something I haven't officially posted yet... I am currently making the companion book to this... And yes it is a puppy. I'll post a page from it soon.

  3. Congratulations Aron! On your Kitty book, can't wait to see it! (And your Puppy book/in the works!) Yay!