Sunday, March 14, 2010

no more edits

I am officially done with edits to the new edition of The Super Crazy Cat Dance. Yes. Now I can think about my next book. Got any ideas? :)


  1. Yay! It is over! Let's get married!

  2. 1. The Ultra Insane Dog Disco.

    2. A Complete Illustrated History of African-American Cinema.

    3. Coyote-Man Teaches School.

    4. Mister Cat and Miss Chicken Get Married.

    5. Neptune 2: The Blizzard!

  3. Greg, Yeah, I like the idea of a dog dancing with gold medallions, I'll give you half the rights... Honestly I do want to do a whole wolf-man comic as a substitute for me.

  4. Ariel, 6 days and then I get to break the glass!